‘Selfie’ Paintings


How Much Does A Hipster Weigh. An Instagram.
Oil on canvas, 50cm x 70cm, 2016.



I Want To Watch Springwatch But This Crunchy Vanilla Almond French Toast Is Too Crunchy.
Oil on canvas, 50cm x 70cm, 2016.



I Take So Many Selfies That I Feel Like An Argentinian Dolphin.
Oil on canvas, 50cm x 70cm, 2016.



I Hate My Government But I Live Too Comfortably To Do Anything About It.
Oil on canvas, 50cm x 70cm, 2016.



I Feel Like The World Is Silently Judging Me If I Forget To Thank The Bus Driver.
Oil on canvas, 2016.



If These Ripped Jeans Get Any More Ripped I’m Gonna Have To Buy New Ripped Jeans.
Oil on canvas, 50cm x 70cm, 2016.